Friday, 18 December 2009

Hey Santa Claus ya C#@T

IMAGE: Kevin Bloody Wilson with guitarKevin "Bloody" Wilson brings festive joy with his guitar

Kevin "Bloody" Wilson (KBW) loves the festive season as much as the next man. He has written some lovely Yuletide ditties over the years. But this one seems to be a lasting favourite for many.

And, just so that you yourselves can really get into the Christmas spirit along with him, this video helpfully contains subtitles for a karaoke sing-a-long!

Also stumbled across this cover version, surprisingly by South African band Die Antwoord on touring Australia.

For another great (but more SFW) KBW Christmas song check out

Sunday, 13 December 2009

From JLo to JHo!

IMAGE: The Jho sex dollThe JHo sex doll - for the 'hardest' hardcore fan!

What to buy a hardcore Jennifer Lopez fan this Christmas? Hmm?

Well there's lots to choose from. You could choose from one of her many films. You could pick up a CD or two of hers. Perhaps something from her clothing line or maybe some of her perfume.
And I suppose ideally a real hardcore JLo fan would want something personally autographed.

But what about those REALLY REAL hardcore JLo fans? And by fans I mean stalkers. What about those that long to be close to the "Puerto Rican Princess"? I mean REALLY close!

Well it doesn't get more intimate than this! The "JHo Famous Fanny Love Doll". The fact that the term "fanny" means 'back bottom' in the US, but 'front bottom' in the UK is irrelevant as they appear to have all bases covered (so to speak) as the box legend says "3 tender holes - pick your passion!"

Now you're interested huh? Well these dolls are available for just $23.63 at I wonder if P Diddy got one of these now? Just to reminisce I mean. ;)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Fishing tackle NOT wedding tackle dude!

IMAGE: Fisherman accidentally flashes cameraFlashing Fred shows the tackle he uses!

Fishing is a relaxing pastime for some people. But, you should be very careful if you are fishing for hours and hours in the wintertime. If you don't take proper precautions and wrap up well you could put yourself at risk of exposure.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Have man boobs - want to share?

IMAGE: Mike Myers as Fat BastardIf you have a fine pair of man boobs and wish to share and show off, I have found just the place for you!

That's right, over at you can view or EVEN submit your own male mammary magnificence.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

How dirty is your toothbrush?

IMAGE: Toothbrush pornToothbrush porn - surely the cleanest type?

The next time you go into the bathroom to brush your teeth and find yours and someone else's toothbrush bristles entwined, you may start to wonder what you've interrupted by putting the light on.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dilute your porn - WITH CARTOONS!

IMAGE: Macaulay Culkin shockedA young Macaulay shocked by porn decides to donate sperm to
mega pop stars instead of having to do THAT awful looking thing!

Do you ever worry that the kids might stumble across your porn stash? Well worry no more.

With a few minor and unnoticeable edits made to your porn collection you don't need to worry who sees it!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

You Tube or Lewd Tube?

IMAGE: YouTube lewd suggestion screenshotYou Tube's bestiality suggestion might surprise some parents.

As the children's song The Teddy Bear's Picnic goes: "If you go down to the woods today you might get a big surprise..."
Well it seems the same should be sung to your kids about YouTube.

Now I'm sure 'auto-suggestion' or 'auto-complete' (whatever you wanna call it) is useful to some. I myself am not a fan, but each to his own.
Worryingly though, as you can see from the pic above, it will throw up the real subjects that are popularly searched. Revealing to children and other innocents the dark and dirty searches that (it seems) people want to see video footage of. It may not be popular with you, but as you can see it's certainly popular enough to warrant second place suggestion.

So beware parents! It may seem that you could happily let your child look for some videos of pretty ponies or equestrian shows on the popular and respected YouTube site. But don't be surprised if she gets a 'are you sure you don't mean bestiality?' suggestion before even typing the fifth letter of the word 'horse'!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Become a famous Cock star

IMAGE: Guitarist felated live on stageYou'll always find some suckers to listen to your music!

Now I've heard the phrase "rock out with your cock out", but I didn't know rock stars literally did just that!

Most people can only play one instrument at a time. As you can see, this chap here is playing guitar and doesn't like to blow his own trumpet. But luckily there is a lady (ehem) on hand (and mouth, ehem again.) to do that for him.

The mask wearing man has obviously heard about using protection during sex, but appears to be more concerned about swine flu than herpes.

They say the camera never lies, but it is possible to misinterpret what you are seeing.
This may in fact be a photo of a poor man trying to live a normal rock star life, despite the obvious parasitic twin that could not be removed.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Jizzed in my pants!

IMAGE: Marty Feldman jizzed his pantsMarty Feldman pulls the 'Jizzed In My Pants face!'
This song has become so popular, yet there are still some of you out there that have no idea what it is and who the hell these guys are.

It is performed by the very talented guys that are The Lonely Island. The guys are known for their skits and music parodies. They were eventually snapped up by SNL (Saturday Night Live) and also went on to make the film Hot Rod along with Will Ferrell.

Their music parodies have become so popular that it has led to the recording and release of their debut album Incredibad. official site: for news, merchandise and updates.
TheLonelyIsland Wiki entry: for background info about the guys.
TLI-Incredibad: Buy the debut album Incredibad on iTunes.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow?

IMAGE: Stickman mowing pubes tattooStickman makes short work of the short & curlies!

So ladies...what does your outward appearance and demeanour reveal about the way you keep your 'lady lawn' ?

And good are you at picking up on the tell-tale signs to correctly guess how a lady styles her triangular topiary?

Well check out GuessHerMuff to put yourself to the test.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Jenny Talia's Camel Toe Song!

IMAGE: Jenny Talia - Without Adult SupervisionHere's a video of the talented 'Jenny Talia from Australia' performing her pleasant Camel Toe song. I'm sure the whole family will be singing along to this one on the next road trip.

This song incidentally, is from Jenny Talia's "Without Adult Supervision" album. Check out the links on the right of her official website to buy her Cds or downloads.

She is also associated with the excellent Kevin "Bloody" Wilson, who's "Giving Up Wanking" song we featured some time ago.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Valentines flower marketing strategy

IMAGE: Man selling flowersMale flower marketing

Well, of course it's fast approaching THAT time of year again, when the world goes all lovey-dovey.

As you can see from the photo above, the sentiment is not lost on this guy. He adjusts his marketing strategy appropriately to fully target the committed male, who's love has grown with the passage of time.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ebanned - where Ebay fears to tread!

Now you may of heard of a little online auction site called Ebay, and most people would say
"Oh Ebay, you can buy ANYTHING on Ebay these days".

Not exactly. Ebay caters to a wide customer range and because of this, it has its limitations. But have you ever wondered where the stuff that you can't sell on Ebay is sold?

Well the overly curious amongst you may want to check out (ya see what they did there, lol).
To give you an example, some of the items currently listed include:
  • "Poo Brownies for Oinkers" (currently $20)
  • Used tampons (currently $10)
  • Toe nail clippings
  • Soiled underwear from various (ehem) ladies. (These appear to be popular buys.)

Here is the list from their 'Miscellaneous Items' section. To properly view the items (or, errm, buy and sell) you need to sign up.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

F Off Starbucks!

IMAGE: Starbucks logo defacedA little green paint gives Starbucks the message!

Some people REALLY, REALLY don't like Starbucks!
If you are of the view that Starbucks is overpriced and pretentious. Or perhaps they are yet another mega-chain to invade your local town/village, converting it into a characterless clone town.

Well those of you of the arts and crafts persuasion might take inspiration from the image above, where as you can see, there has been some guerilla redesigning of the logo with just a small amount of green paint.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Bizarre torture game!

IMAGE: Hanging tortured manDid you ever want a voodoo doll to take out your frustrations on?

Well if you did, or you're just a general sicko that likes blood, gore and torture, then THIS is the game for you.

I say game, but it's not really a game. It's just a macabre take on playing with ragdoll type physics.
Just like the falling lady one. There is no real point to it.

You start with an untortured dude and then you proceed to injure him with your weapon of choice. And there are 9 different ones at your disposal.

Just click the word PLAY and you're ready to roll!

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